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Pura Trufa is a project born from the passionate desire to share a prodigious gift from the earth, unveiling its authentic essence that goes far beyond its unparalleled culinary virtues.
The truffle represents community, strength, cold, winter sun, love for animals, connection with nature, the fresh mountain air, and everything that makes you be and feel alive.

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There is a widespread lack of awareness about fresh truffles and their culinary properties, largely because they are perceived as an "unattainable luxury." This lack of knowledge becomes a barrier, especially among the younger audience committed to sustainability and animal welfare. To overcome this challenge, it is crucial to focus on education and promotion, leveraging existing curiosity and capturing the attention of an increasingly sustainability-conscious digital audience.


We assisted Pura Trufa in creating a narrative that establishes a connection with the tradition and history of the small agricultural family and their canine companions.

We positioned the brand in the realm of celebration and memorable experiences, turning fresh truffles into a indulgence to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.


The visual identity of Pura Trufa is inspired by our Mother Earth, reflected in a color palette composed of four natural tones, complemented by black and white. These colors embody the connection to authenticity and simplicity.

Our illustrations capture the essence of Pura Trufa: simplicity, originality, and careful craftsmanship. Each stroke reflects the unique personality of the brand, conveying its story authentically.

Regarding photography, we follow a direction that reflects the authenticity of life, from birth in the fields to the presentation of products, in a direct and unadorned manner. We seek accessible, clear, and human images that capture the essence of Pura Trufa.

The lifestyle projected through our images is inspiring, evoking a sense of celebration and joy. Each photograph tells a story, showcasing the connection between the brand and the earth, as well as the joy that comes from sharing and celebrating.


We facilitate Pura Trufa's transition from the rural to the digital world, establishing connections with their potential customers through social media and expanding the presence of their products online by creating a website and an online store.

We have put great care into every detail, from the illustrations to the micro-animations, which help to tell the story of this family in a captivating way.