Unlimited self-expression.


In a world saturated with choices, La Glorie stands as a beacon of authenticity. It's a beauty brand committed to fostering a welcoming community that celebrates diversity, paying special attention to those who have been less represented in the beauty industry.

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Creating the La Glorie brand posed a significant challenge: finding a space in a saturated market while also bringing professional beauty products to Generation Z. La Glorie aims to become a benchmark in the world of hairdressing and beauty, offering high-quality products at affordable prices from the perspective of creativity and self-expression. The goal is not only to provide beauty tools but also to empower its customers to express their individuality authentically.


We helped La Glorie create a narrative that promotes freedom of choice and experimentation, allowing each person to use their products according to their individual preferences.

We focus on meeting the needs of a self-expressive youth market, inviting them to enjoy exploring their identity, experimenting with their appearance, and defining their own style in the beauty world.


All graphic elements — color palette, typographic suite, illustrations, and photography style — are aligned with La Glorie's authentic voice, capturing the pure self-expression of Generation Z and their products. We focus on unfiltered reality, celebrating diversity and authenticity without gender distinctions.

Each illustration and photograph is a vibrant testament to real life, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual in their most genuine form, challenging stereotypes, and giving voice to a generation that expresses itself freely without reservations.


Despite being a multi-brand online store, La Glorie aims to push some products under its own brand. We have extended the visual identity to the packaging and labeling of their own products. This ensures a consistent brand experience for customers, whether they are purchasing items from third-party brands or from La Glorie's own line.


We have meticulously created a custom template from scratch for WooCommerce, ensuring a smooth and distinctive shopping experience. Dive into a world of interactive elements and micro-animations, each adding its unique touch of personality to La Glorie's digital store. With over 400 products to explore, features like our advanced filters, category trees, and mega-menus make navigation effortless, guiding you seamlessly to your desired destination. Whether you're a beauty salon or an individual shopper, our customized checkout flow ensures a quick and secure experience.

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